Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Crater DH Cup

    After running about after finishing my XCO race, I went to shoot some downhill action. Damn, those huys were nuts! :) I first did what I usually do, Get out my Flash and shoot some wide angle shots with on-camera flash. Then, I decided to make a change. I grabbed my tele, bumped my ISO to 3200 to freeze the action, and started concentrating on composition. Actually, it turned out really well. The ISO is good in daylight with the Canon 20D, so I could use all the images taken.
This is one of my favourite flash shots, and actually the only one presented in this post.

Sure, you can see the clues of the high ISO, but his pose and situation make the subject stand out, not the technical stuff like ISO.

I tried to integrate the tree and some of the track to put the subject in context.

I have two shots I like here, but I'm not sure which one is better...

This is one of my teammates who actually raced the DH race too. He was one of the only ones who made a double jump, so I stayed there to get the shot.

The same place, different rider, different perspecrive and route. I like the different focal plains present in the picture.

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